Rainbow Lace


Art Direction, Set Design

2016, Italy

The video for Dolce & Gabbana celebrates the everlasting Rainbow Lace shoes collection. 

Starring thousands Swarovski, cannoli siciliani, confetti and other sicilian symbols the video is made mixing the stop motion technique and live video.



Produced by Revolution Department 

Art Direction: Andrea Bax, Andrea Pecora, Loris Alessandria, Mathery Studio 

Executive Producer: Simona Ferraro 

Client Creative Producer: Costanza Caponio 

DOP: Dario Ghezzi 


 Production Assistant: Pino Capacchione 

Set Design & Props: Mathery Studio, Chiara De Rota, Linda Vallone 

Stop Motion Animation: Anna Ciammitti 

 Flame and Color: Davide Maccagni 

Music and Sound Design: Smider