Josie, the chair that pops


Product Design, Production, Art Direction

2015, Australia


Josie is the protagonist of 1999 hit high school romcom Never Been Kissed. Played by Drew Barrymore, geeky Josie spent her high school years on the social outer- harassed and tormented by the cool kids. Cruelly nicknamed Josie Grossie, never invited to the prom and always the one left sitting alone on a chair at parties.

But what if the party came to her? 

Initially designed as a personal project, Josie was born from the idea of empathising with a moment - the action of seating. Driven by the need to restore a WOW effect and sense of occasion, Josie celebrates the person who is seated and moreover, celebrates design.

Josie is a performative chair fashioned from beech wood, defined by simple design features and chunky lines. But her whimsicality lies in that moment - the second before seating. Josie lives for this and responds with a joyous burst of colour. 

Celebrating her glorious design, Josie evaluates the act of seating as a triumph.

*Josie chair is made to order.




Video: Coco & Maximilian - music: Alex Albrecht

Photography: Reuben Gates

Chair manufactured by: James Devery, Luke Macmahon, Abde Nouamani Laraichi, Michael Chazan

Models: Cass Froese and Tobias Mugabe 


Drew Barrymore plays Josie Grossie in the movie "Never been kissed", 1999.

Drew Barrymore plays Josie Grossie in the movie "Never been kissed", 1999.